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((Thanks for the ride, everyone - it was a fun time, but I’m afraid for the reasons in the post, I will no longer be active on Tumblr. Thank you for all your wonderful questions, chat, support and love over the last few months. Take care all!))

Anonymous sent: oh! you know him so well XD it's a clear sign of love! XD and you're defending him, sooo sweet :D do you daydream about him a lot? or at least during the time he was absent?

I don’t really daydream. I think; there is a difference.

Anonymous sent: here is a nice sentence for you to think about ;) "anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind" I think it suits Saizou better though, don't you agree? ;)

If by ‘mouth working’ you mean ‘swears a lot’, then I guess so, but actually, Saizo tends to keep his actual thoughts to himself a lot. He does a lot of shouting, some of it defensively, but he actually thinks things through a lot more than you realise.

Anonymous sent: of course you do!!! all main characters have one, and you consider yourself a main character, right? ;) at least, do you have a rival?

The only rival I’ve ever had was Isanami, and she gave up after Saizo. No-one’s ever really challenged me before. So no, I don’t have a rival, or an arch-enemy. If Saizo wasn’t such a helpless ass, I probably could’ve had something amusing going with him, but then that idiot needed fucking saving, and, well, look where we are now.

Anonymous sent: who do you consider your arch-enemy, your nemesis? >:)

Do I need one?

Anonymous sent: kama-chan, that was beautiful! XD definetelly hot! Saizou would be a dumbass if he behaves as a dick after this. Don't let it pass Kama-chan! have some self-respect XD *kiss*

Anonymous sent: dangerous question O_O but let me assure that you deserve a rightful answer -_- I have the impression you'll end up crying----tissue? ;_; you're a sweetheart! love you!

Anonymous sent: the fly color. have you seen a fly? a close up? a fly isn't totally black, it's this dark blackish/brownish color that's also the color you usually wear :D catch a fly and look at it thoroughly ;)

I have better things to be doing with my time than catch flies, thanks.

Anonymous sent: oh! that's not black Yuri-chan XD that's the fly color :) it looks good on you though ;) never, ever wear red----you'd look like a tomato :P

The what colour?



The scream rang loud in his ears, the blood beneath his fingernails was warm and slowly trickling down Kamanosuke’s hips as he slammed his cock in harder, fucking him down into the bed as he clenched around him and he growled at the tightness. It didn’t take long this time, his body tired and spent as he came inside the younger man and drew his nails back along his ass. 

Bright red welts stared back at him as he collapsed at the end of the bed, panting and watching as Kamanosuke did the same above him. A light breeze cooled the sweat on his body and he shivered despite himself, running a hand through his hair before sitting back up and grabbing for the pitcher of water on the side table. Knocking it back and letting the water pour down over his neck and chest, he moved to the edge of the bed and flexed his legs to get the feeling back.

Turning and looking down at Kamanosuke’s bright, green eyes, he smirked and licked the blood from his fingertips. “So…that was fun.” 

Despite a vague attempt to look cool and collected, Kamanosuke snickered as he lay still for a moment before standing and reaching for a towel.”Well, you know, not a bad evening’s distraction. Better than what I had planned, anyway.” Dampening it in the washbowl that he kept behind the screen, he ran it over himself, wiping the clamminess off his skin, being particularly ginger around his rear. It had been a while since he’d been with Saizo, and even then the last few times they’d been together had been far, far gentler than when they’d begun, but he did well to stifle the hiss at the stinging touch of the cloth on reddened skin.

The air was heavy with the scent of them, a scent that he grinned at. More than just Saizo, more than him, the two of them post-fucking was a heady aroma, and he could feel it clinging to him. 

Saizo was staring at him with amused eyes as he finished cleaning himself, and for some reason, it made him a little self-conscious. 

Because once upon a time, Kamanosuke, you knew you loved him, and you thought he might feel the same way, until he spent three weeks barely speaking to you.

Sex was one thing, but the intimacy they’d had was entirely different, and the dissonance between how they once were and how they were right now made him want to save face. Frowning at his inner thoughts, he grabbed the white yukata that was hanging on the screen, and wrapped it around himself, then carefully limped back to the bed and collapsed next to Saizo, draping his arm across Saizo’s chest and snuggling in, planting soft, gentle, slightly unsure kisses into the curve of his neck.

Suddenly insecure, his mind raced. What would happen after tonight? Would Saizo stay with him, wake up with him in the morning, eat with him, wash with him, the way they used to? Or was this just a blip, and in five minutes, Saizo would walk out the door once more, and go back to acting like Kamanosuke didn’t exist?

He couldn’t take that again. He’d done his time as a fucktoy, and wasn’t ever about to enter into that kind arrangement of his own volition, and certainly not when that was categorically not how he saw the other man.

He took a deep breath - for better or worse, he had to know. “Saizo, what am I to you?”

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